How are you? Out of 10?

Talk. Move. Therapy.

Welcome to a mental fitness community for men,
meeting in person and online.

Talk Club is a talking and listening club for men,
offering talking groups, sports groups and therapy to help keep you mentally fit.

It’s a simple medicine that starts with asking – How are you, Out of 10?
By checking in regularly with yourself and other men,
Talk Club creates a community that we are all missing in today’s world.

Join a community sharing the load 24/7 wherever you are

By joining Talk Club, you’re joining an online and in-person community
ready to support you through every turn. Get instant access to the online
Talk Club community where you can check in, support others,
and access the TC Calendar of events, including access to as many different
kinds of TC groups as you like – from in-person Talk Clubs to Virtual TCs and all Talk & Move groups.

A community that supports you in every way

  • Feel lighter by sharing in a secure and private community hosted by TC
  • Priority access to Talk Club Therapy Groups
  • Share online 24 / 7 through the Talk Feed and connect with other men
  • Join an unlimited amount of in-person and virtual TCs annually
  • Access different kinds of TC calendar events and connect when you want
  • Benefit from talks, screenings, tips and partner discounts
  • Know that through your membership you are not only supporting yourself
    but supporting men everywhere to be mentally fit
Amazing. Being listened to and listening to others is so empowering,
 uplifting and provides me a sense of value. No matter what number 
I enter at it always goes up during the sessions.
TC Member

So, what happens in a Talk Club?

There are no therapists, no couches and no judgement –
just regular men sitting in a private and safe space,
listening and talking. If it’s a Talk & Run club or Talk & Golf
sharing will happen at different points throughout the activity.

We start with how with each man feels out of 10 and sharing why.
We then talk about what we are grateful for and what we are going
going to do for our mental fitness this week.  

It’s a beautifully simple medicine that we rarely give ourselves,
the ability to share how we really feel.

I discovered Talk Club at a time when my mental health was spiralling
 downwards and I saw no way out. Talk Club gave me a safe space
 where I could share how I was feeling without being judged. 
It gave me a community of men who could listen and try to help each other, 
which sadly I didn’t have elsewhere. 
I will always be grateful to Talk Club, it saved my life.

 TC Member

I felt supported and understood for the first time in many years.

TC Member

For other services visit https://hubofhope.co.uk/

For a counsellor near you https://www.bacp.co.uk/

To become suicide aware visit zerosuicidealliance.com

If you are feeling overwhelmed call: The Samaritans (116 123) or CALM (0800 585858)

You are not alone, you are part of TALK CLUB.

TALK CLUB is a registered charity in the United Kingdom (1194033)

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