The Out of 10 App

The Out of 10 App

Our iOS and Android “Out of 10 app” will launch in early 2024, giving individuals and businesses the tools to check-in with how they are out of 10. This helps in measuring and tracking mental health and the right support by connecting to Talk Club peer to peer groups and Therapy Groups when people need it most.

    • Check in and track your numbers out of 10

    • Journal through recording how you feel when it suits you

    • See the Talk Club calendar and easily book your spot

    • Improve your mental fitness wherever you are

    • No adverts, no cost

Here are what our users are saying…

“It’s like having a friend I can share with 24/7”

“Whenever stuff was coming up for me I had somewhere to share and record it”

In the meantime, you can trial the Beta web app, and for more information in using the app to serve your community please email


Phone with Talk Club mobile app open