About TC

Talk. Listen. Together.

Why Talk?

Suicide is the biggest killer of men under 49.  In the UK, approximately three-quarters of all suicides are male.  TALK CLUB was created after one of our Founders, Ben Akers, lost his childhood best friend, Steve Yates, to suicide in 2014.  Struggling to process his grief, Ben set out to make ‘Steve, a documentary about male mental health. TALK CLUB is a legacy of that project.  Please find below a link to the film, via the documentary website, and feel free to share with anyone you like, simply click through to stream the film.


Photo of a group of men and a photo of chairs in a circle

The power of talking and listening

Talk Club is a behaviour-changing movement aimed at getting men to talk more openly about their thoughts, feelings, worries and day-to-day gripes (and all the positive stuff too!).  We want to create as many safe and confidential spaces across the UK where men can meet regularly to talk, and listen to each other. We are here to encourage and support men across the globe, to set up their own Talk Club.

A community that is always here

The groups are relaxed, informal and non-judgemental – a place where men can simply go in and get off their chest what’s been happening in their week.  We all experience life’s highs and lows and, we believe, Talk Club can be there for both.

It’s a fantastic welcoming community of men simply getting stuff off their chest daily.


Screens of Talk Club Mobile App and Talk Club Clubs

Join the club

Online and in person, we have a long list of clubs up and running and meeting regularly – across the UK, and internationally. By empowering men across the world to start their own Talk Club, subsidising therapy sessions and creating a community of men that talk about their mental health openly, we know that Talk Club has, and continues to change men’s lives.


Photo of a group of men talking at a Talk & Listen Session